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Social Impact

Every time someone does business with us, something great happens in the world

What if every time you got your books done, you made a global impact?

What if - just by learning how to be empowered around your business finances - you made a real, measurable contribution to some of the world's poorest communities?

Our global social initiative - a partnership with B1G1 - does just that. Each time a business joins our family, we do a clean-up, or we provide bookkeeping services, we celebrate by giving back to those most in need. The more services you receive, the more we give.

When you work with Green Leaf Bookkeeping & Consulting we ensure that those less fortunate than us are given the opportunity to grow.

We care deeply for our clients and the broader community. We believe that every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday activities. For that reason, we are paying it forward as a B1G1 Business for Good.

As part of our commitment to the environment, we are a carbon balanced business. We do almost all of our business virtually. This means minimal driving and no wasted paper.

Our Initiative

We love to give back to powerful projects changing our world

Our impact progress is but a powerful example of how together we can make the world a better place

Total giving impacts created by the entire B1G1 community

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